Oneplus Nord CE Mid-Range Smartphone With High Quality Hardware and Software Experience

Oneplus Nord CE is one of the latest handsets from the company and it is one of the first smartphones in the category. This gadget is equipped with advanced features that has set it apart from other devices in the market. If you have not looked out for Oneplus phones until now, this is a good opportunity to make your purchase because the company is offering discounts on all Oneplus models right from the time of launch.

Oneplus markets its newest mid-range oneplus nord ce smartphone, the Nord CE, in its first summer launch event. The CE handset, which comes with the Windows program, aims to streamline the Oneplus experience to important key factors while keeping costs low. There are various elements of this device that have made it different from other similar handsets in the market such as the presence of Microsoft Exchange support and the Oneplus Hub. The Hub is a multi-faceted social networking and collaboration tool that enables business owners to keep in touch with their colleagues and clients.

The Oneplus Nord CE comes with an Intex virtual keyboard and an integrated fingerprint scanner. The phone comes with an integrated camera as well and so is compatible with various imaging formats including JPEG, RAW and ExIF. In addition to this, the phone comes with a high speed cellular network that supports TDD ( TDMA ) which is similar to the HSDPA technology in the current UK market. For connectivity purposes, there is a USB type C port for connecting the earphone jack and the micro SD slot for the storage of images and music files. The entire phone comes with a two year warranty that includes free shipping and handling.

As compared to some other handsets in the market, the Oneplus can support multiple connectivity options such as EDGE and 3G. It offers a unique feature of allowing users to turn off the GPS function which makes it extremely useful for use in travel. The Oneplus also features a single color screen which is slightly bigger than its predecessors which helps make it look elegant and sleek. The device also offers a very efficient internal memory which can be expanded via microSD. The device has a unique dual-tone alarm which is customizable through the settings menu and offers users a choice of either vibrating or quiet mode.

The Oneplus Nord CE offers users an improved security updates system thanks to its cloud-based system which provides application access to Google, Yahoo and MSN products. This is in addition to the regular security updates provided by Google Play and Samsung KMS. Apart from the bug fixes and performance enhancements, the manufacturer also provides users with constant maintenance updates via their own application stores. The application store for this smartphone offers users to manage their contacts, apps and emails from any location which makes it extremely convenient to use. The android Market is supported by a complete suite of android devices including the HTC Wildfire, Samsung Galaxy S and Motorola Photon.

The manufacturers Oneplus offers the oneplus range for the individuals who want to experience an affordable price for high quality smartphone features at a casual price. With a plethora of features and applications, this handset has set new standards for the affordable price bracket. The excellent hardware and robust software experience further enhance the chances that the device can serve as a great gift choice for your loved ones. However, if you are looking for a mid-range smartphone which provides a great user experience at an affordable price, the Oneplus Nordic CE is an ideal choice for you.